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Remington F5 5800 Foil Shaver Review: How Efficient Is This Inexpensive Shaver?

Updated on: January 16, 2024 | By: Alex Petrou

Remington is a well-known brand of personal care products, and the F5-5800 is their best-selling electric shaver. The Remington F5 5800 foil shaver was launched in 2013 and still offers good value for money. It is a rechargeable shaver that delivers a good performance at an affordable price. It has some advantages and disadvantages that I will discuss in this article. If you are looking for a new electric razor, I think you should read this article before making your decision.


  • Inexpensive
  • The shaving head is washable
  • Easy to handle and portable
  • Corded or Cordless
  • Comes with a flex head system
  • Intercept technology
  • Gives a close and comfortable shave
  • Easy to clean.


  • Only for dry shaves
  • Blades become dull within six months
  • Noisy enough to disturb someone.
  • No travel lock
  • Not good for flat-lying hair

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The Remington f5 shaver is a budget-friendly foil shaver that offers decent performance and some useful features. Although some drawbacks, it’s one of the most popular foil shavers on the market for some special aspects of this shaver.
Shaving System:

shaving system of remington f5 5800 shaver

The shaver has a 3-blade foil shaving system that uses intercept shaving technology. This technology helps the shaver cut the hairs closer to the skin with fewer passes. The shaver has a small trimmer between the foils that trims long hairs before the foils shave them. The foils are flexible and have a thin coating that allows them to glide smoothly over the skin and give a close shave.

Flexing Head: The Remington F5-5800 has a pivot and flex technology that lets each foil and the head itself move and swivel independently. This helps the shaver adapt to the contours of the skin and shave more smoothly and accurately. The pivot and flex technology is especially useful for hard-to-reach areas like the neck and jawline. By being flexible, the shaving process becomes easier and more comfortable. On the other hand, this system may sometimes feel cumbersome while shaving tricky areas since there is no headlock system. However, the headlock technology is not expected in such an inexpensive and entry-level shaver.

Dry Only Shave: The Remington F5 is a shaver that can only be used dry, without any shaving products or water. It is designed for quick and easy shaving for those who do not want extra features. If you prefer wet and comfortable shaving, you may want to look for other options or more expensive shavers like Braun Series 5 or Panasonic Arc4. However, the Remington F5 is a good choice for those who want a fast and simple shave.


how to clean remington f5 5800 foil shaver?

Although the Remington F5 can only be used on dry skin, it has a washable shaving head that can be rinsed under water. This makes it easy to keep the shaver clean and hygienic after every use. You can remove the hair and dirt from the shaver head in a few minutes by running it under the faucet. On the other hand, the shaver comes with a cleaning brush that is very handy to quickly clean the foils and blades.

Power Source: This is the aspect where the Remington F5 5800 foil shaver excels its competitors. It comes with dual power facilities, which means It can be used cordless or corded, which gives you more flexibility. You can shave while the shaver is plugged in or unplugged. The corded option is convenient for quick shaving and the cordless option is comfortable for leisurely shaving. The shaver has a strong Li-ion battery that can last for 1 hour on a full charge, which is comparable to the most expensive shavers. However, the longer battery life of such an inexpensive shaver on the other hand, indicates the less powerful motor that consumes less power.

LED Battery Indicator: The Remington F5 shaver has an LED battery level display that shows the remaining power level. The LED gauge flashes green when the battery is full and red when it is low. It also indicates when the shaver is charging or fully charged. The LED battery level indicator helps to keep track of the battery status and avoid running out of power unexpectedly or needing to shave directly with plugged in.

Popup Trimmer:

precision trimming with remington f5 shaver

Like its competitors and the other expensive options, the Remington F5- 5800 shaver also has a nice pop-up trimmer that allows you to trim your beards, mustaches, eyebrows, facial hair, and sideburns easily and quickly. It is very useful to accomplish the shaving process making the final touches after every shave.

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What’s in the Box?

Since an entry-level shaver, it comes with only the basic accessories that are essential for a general electric shaver. I found the following items in the package after unboxing the Remington F5 5800 foil shaver:

  • The shaver itself
  • Charging cord with universal adapter
  • Foil protective cap
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual and essential papers.

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Personal Experience

I’m not impressed with its design and shape, but some users appreciated the unique curved shape of the hand of the Remington F5 5800 foil shaver. The materials and the built quality of the shaver transparently represent its cheap price range. Although a basic-level shaver, the shape is larger than the expensive shavers, and the weight is also slightly heavier than most foil shavers. It doesn’t fit in the hand comfortably, and you need to grasp it tight since it has a slippery interface, whereas the competitors come with a non-slippy rubber grip.

However, its powerful battery impressed me with a longer backup capacity that is enough for a long tour, and I do not need to carry the charger for repeatedly recharging. The corded shaving option also encourages me to shave frequently without any precaution about the battery power. But its dry-only shaving option is also a drawback for the shaver that disallows the freedom of shaving mode. This wouldn’t be a problem for the users who never want to have time-consuming and cumbersome wet shaving. My shaving experience with the shaver is versatile because it can shave very close for its thin foils and very sharp stainless steel blades. The shaver can handle a bit longer hair than its competitors for its intercept technology in the middle trimmer.

However, there is not enough capacity to capture and align the flat-lying hairs. As a result, it takes several passes on the place where there are flat-lying hairs, and I need to operate the shaver against the grain to align and cut the flat-lying hairs to accomplish my shave. Because they are too thin, the foils cannot protect the skin from the blades flawlessly, and that creates redness and irritations for some sensitive skin.

On the other hand, the blades become dull sooner because of aggressive cutting for these thin foils, so you need to replace the head approximately within six months. However, the flexing head and foils make the shaving process comfortable, and the inconvenience of the thin foils can be solved by shaving with lower pressure. So, I directly should not blame its shaving comfort and the closeness of the shaving is really adequate according to its price range.

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Comparison with Alternatives

Braun Series 3 3040s: The Braun 3040s and the Remington F5 are two similar models in terms of price, but they have some differences in features and performance. The Braun 3040s has pressure-sensitive shaving elements that make it more comfortable for sensitive skin. It can also shave wet beards and use shaving products, while the Remington F5 can only shave dry. The Remington F5 has a flexible head that can adapt to the face contours, while the Braun 3040s has a fixed head. Both shavers have a precision trimmer and washable heads, which are convenient features. The Remington F5 has a longer battery life of 60 minutes, and it can also be used corded, while the Braun 3040s has a shorter battery life of 45 minutes and can only be used cordless. The Braun 3040s comes with a travel pouch, while the Remington F5 comes with a foil protective cap. The Remington F5 is a good option for regular dry shaving, but the Braun 3040s is more versatile and comfortable for wet/dry shaving. Therefore, you should choose the shaver that suits your needs and preferences.

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Panasonic Arc3: The Panasonic Arc3 and the Remington F5 are two foil shavers that have three shaving elements in common. The Panasonic Arc3 is slightly more expensive than the Remington F5, but it has some advantages. It has a 12-direction pivoting head that can follow the face curves better and shave faster than the Remington F5. It also has a more advanced LED display that shows more information. It can shave both wet and dry beards, while the Remington F5 can only shave dry. The Remington F5 has some benefits, too, such as the battery life. It can run for 1 hour on a full charge, while the Panasonic Arc3 can only run for 40 minutes. The Remington F5 can also be used corded, which is handy when the battery is low. The Panasonic Arc3 can only be used cordless. Both shavers have a pop-up trimmer, but I found the Panasonic Arc3’s trimmer is more effective than the Remington F5’s. The Panasonic Arc3 also has better build quality and durability than the Remington F5. The Panasonic Arc3 is a better option overall, but the Remington F5 is a cheaper option.

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The Remington F5-5800 is a low-cost foil shaver that offers a smooth and close shave. It has a high customer satisfaction rating. It has some drawbacks, but they are minor compared to its overall performance and cost. It is a simple and reliable shaver that can meet your basic needs. It is also easy to clean, use, and charge. The Remington F5-5800 is a good option for those who prefer foil shavers and want a precise and comfortable shave without spending too much money. It also has a 2-year warranty, which shows its quality.

Should You Buy the Remington F5 5800 Foil Shaver?

Yes, if you are a beginner or want a simple and reliable shaver.

Yes, if you are looking for a close and comfortable shaving device on a budget.

Yes, if you do not value luxury shaving options and only need an easy, quick, and close shaving machine.

No, if you need a shaver for wet/dry shave

No, if you have sensitive skin or flat-lying hairs

No, if you need a shaver with solid built quality and advanced shaving features.

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