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Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc Review: Less Expensive Alternative to Pro+?

Updated on: July 15, 2024 | By: Alex Petrou

The Braun Series 9 Pro is a one-step upgraded version of the popular Braun Series 9 shavers. Before releasing the Series 9 Pro+, the Series 9 Pro was the most advanced model in Braun’s line. However, there are very few dissimilarities between Pro and Pro+, which you can barely notice. The Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc is the flagship model of the S9 Pro, which comes with all the facilities that were first introduced in the Series 9 Pro release. This article is about whether the Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc is worth buying or whether you should upgrade to Pro+ or go back to the regular Series 9. I’ll draw from my hands-on experience with the 9477cc shaver to provide you with an in-depth perspective, helping you make an informed choice.


  • Solid built quality
  • Reliable performance
  • Convenient wet/dry shave
  • Flexible head
  • Great for longer beards
  • Useful power case.
  • Satisfactory precision trimming.
  • Convenient headlock.
  • Very useful LED display


  • Expensive
  • No travel pouch
  • No foil protection cap

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Since a subsequent upgrade of the existing Braun Series 9 and the prior model of Series 9 Pro+, most of the features and specifications of Braun Series 9 9477cc are identical to them. There are also some exceptions that I’m going to break down now in steps.

Advanced Shaving Head: The Braun Series 9 pro 9477cc comes with a redesigned and Braun’s most advanced shaving head. The new shaving head cassette 94M features 5 shaving elements (4 actual cutting elements) and everyone has a different responsibility in every pass. There are two actual foil shaving elements at the front and the back edge of the shaving head that are called Optifoils. The responsibility of these outer foils is to cut the hairs from the skin level for a close shave. There is a gold-coated new shaving element on the head that is called ProLift trimmer. This is the most advanced edition in the Braun 9477cc shaver that replaced the HyperLift&cut trimmer of the existing Series 9 shavers. The responsibility of the ProLift trimmer is to cut the longer hairs as well as lift and cut the flat-laying hairs. As a result, the shaver can shave longer hairs than the existing Series 9 shavers. I found the ProLift trimmer is a successful edition of the shaver to face all the complaints about shaving longer hair. Another shaving element is the Direct&cut trimmer that captures and cut the hairs that grow in different directions. There is also a skin protector in the cassette that handles the pressures at shaving time. This is not an actual shaving element but Braun counts it as a shaving element and claims the shaving head contains 5 shaving elements.

Battery/Power Source: Braun Series 9 pro 9477cc and all the pro models even all the Series 9 shavers are designed for cordless use. Consequently, you cannot use it while charging. The Braun 9477cc comes with a premium Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery provides 60 minutes of cordless shaving performance with a full charge. It takes around 1 hour for a full charge. I found the shaver can provide a full month of shaving energy with 1 charge that feels pretty reliable. On the other hand, you can have a full shave with only 4-5 minutes of charge while the battery is fully drained. That is however not such needed since there is no chance to get the battery fully drained for being a CC shaver. Because the cleaning and charging center starts charging when you place the shaver to clean. Moreover, there is a PowerCase that also fills the consumed charge after every use when you store the shaver inside it. I’ll cover more about the power case later on.

Advanced LED Display: Since the peak Series of Braun’s line, Braun tried to provide everything their best for the Braun Series 9 pro shavers. The Braun 9477cc comes with an advanced LED display that shows battery level indicators with 5 segments, travel lock indication with a padlock icon, hygiene status with a water droplet icon, etc. I found the display pretty useful and that is one of my favorites on the shaver. While focusing deeply on the battery indicator, every segment shows 20% of full battery power. Moreover, the display starts counting down the last 9 minutes with a numeric sign from 9 to 1.

Wet/Dry Shaving: The Braun Series 9 9477cc and all the Series 9 pro as well as existing Series 9 shavers are waterproof. As a result, you can shave under the shower. And moreover, you can use any kind of shaving cosmetic like shaving gel, cream, foam, soap, etc. The main facility of a wet/dry shaver is that you can have a shave in any condition and any atmosphere. I use a shaver for dry shaving when I’m on the go, but most of the time, I like to have refreshing wet shaves with my favorite shaving cream.

Flexing Head: The full shaving head and all of its shaving elements are fully flexible to move in different directions. The head can move left, right, back, and forth to adapt to the facial curves. On the other hand, the shaving elements can swivel up and down to make the shave flawless and comfortable. The soft-moving shaving elements can handle any kind of wrist pressure to protect the skin from the blades and adapt to the facial shape. According to my testing results, the Braun Series 9 shavers achieved the highest place in terms of flexing head excellence.

Head Lock: Another favorite feature in the Braun Series 9 shavers is the head lock system. The shaving head of the Braun Series 9 pro 9477cc can be locked in 5 directions for precision shaving in different directions and angles. Braun redesigned the headlock switch in the Braun Series 9 Pro and Pro+ shavers to make the control easier. When you’ll slide down the switch, it will lock the shaving head at your pre-set position. And when you’ll slide up the switch, the headlock will be disabled and start flexing. The headlock is pretty useful to shave tricky areas.

Precision Trimming: Like the predecessors, the Braun Series 9 pro 9477cc comes with a slide-up precision trimmer. The trimmer is useful for the final touches of every shave to shape the sideburns and mustache. I didn’t find any change in the precision trimmers between the old generation and the series 9 pro shavers. However, the trimmer is powerful enough to do its job efficiently.

Travel Lock: To keep the shaver safe from accidental turning on from unintentional hits on the power button, there is a travel lock technology on the shaver. You need to press the power button for 3-5 seconds to lock and unlock the shaver.  Since the power button is very soft and prompt, the travel lock system is pretty useful while traveling along with the shaver.

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What’s in the Box?

The Braun Series 9 9477cc is presented in the largest packaging within the Series 9 Pro range and held the title of the most expensive model in the Series 9 lineup prior to the launch of the Braun Series 9 Pro+. Along with the main device, my 9477cc electric shaver package includes the following items:

Automatic Cleaning and Charging Unit:

Braun 9477cc electric shaver's SmartCare Center

Since a Braun’s CC model, the Braun 9477cc comes with a SmartCare cleaning and charging center. The responsibility of the SmartCare center is to clean, charge, lubricate, and dry the shaver head after every shave. It cleans the shaver head with an alcohol-based liquid (included with the package) cartridge that makes the head 99% germ-free. That’s why it’s hygienic to clean the shaver with the cleaning center after every shave. However, I clean the head with the provided cleaning brush after every dry use and I do use the cleaning center to clean the shaver after every wet shave.


Power Case of Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc electric shaver

Braun firstly introduced their innovative PowerCase in the Series 9 Pro release. According to knowledge, the Braun Series 9 9477cc is the first worldwide S9 pro model that comes with the PowerCase to store the shaver. It’s actually a replaced version of the previous travel pouch and Braun doesn’t provide any travel pouch with the shavers that come with a power case. It’s called PowerCase because it contains the power to recharge the shaver when stored in it. According to the manufacturer, it can provide 50% of the charge when it contains a full charge. So it’s helpful to keep the shaver power always filled with the power case after every shave. Hence the power case is also a rechargeable assessment that uses the same power adapter and cord as the shaver does. The case starts recharging the shaver after pressing the power button. Otherwise, it will work only like a travel pouch to keep the shaver safe from outer hits and dust. The built quality of the power case is solid enough to keep the shaver safe. However, it’s pretty heavy, and that’s why it feels like a burden while carrying on a short travel. But it’s pretty helpful for long travels since it carries some extra power, and you do not need to carry the charging cord. There is an extra space to keep the cleaning brush since a traveler wouldn’t like to carry the cleaning center while traveling. Therefore, it seems a pretty useful addition to the new generation Braun Series 9 Pro and Pro+ shavers. Moreover, it also supports the older generation Braun Series 9 and Braun Series 8 shavers. So, you can use it for your existing series nine or series eight shaver.

Cleaning Brush: There is a small cleaning brush in the package that is useful to instantly clean the hair and debris from the foils.

Charging Cord: The shaver comes with a universal charging adapter and a type A charging cord. So, you can recharge the shaver from any electrical outlet in any country. Therefore, it’s a travel-friendly device that can be your travel companion on short to long trips.

Cleaning Cartridge: This item is designed for use with the SmartCare dock to ensure the shaver is cleaned hygienically. It is an alcohol-based lubricant that effectively cleans and sterilizes the shaver head, while also lubricating it for its next use. The standard Braun 9477cc package includes one cartridge, which should be replaced upon depletion. Replacement cartridges are available at Braun outlets or through online vendors, offering various package options. Additionally, when purchasing the shaver from Amazon, there is an option to buy an extra package that includes additional cartridges, though this will charge an additional cost.

The shaver also comes with useful papers like a User Manual, Warranty card, and some extras.

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Personal Experience

The design and aesthetic of the Braun Series 9 segment (regular Series 9, Series 9 Pro, and Series 9 Pro+) is one of my market favorites, and undoubtedly, Braun used their top-notch design sense in this high-end shaver Series. The full body of the Braun Series Pro 9477cc shaver is made with premium quality plastic that feels plasticky but sturdy enough. The full rear side of the shaver is covered with soft grip rubber that is pimpled intelligently to make the grasp secure and comfortable. I feel pretty confident even when my hand is wet, because the rubber grip effectively protects the shaver from accidental falling down from slippy hands. I prefer the new headlock switch in the S9 Pro and Pro+ shavers that feels pretty more user-friendly than the regular Series 9’s one.

While considering the performance of the Braun 9477cc shaver, it would be one of the market’s top shavers in every expect of shaving. Braun upgraded to the S9 Pro and Pro+ shavers for the closest shaving results, adding some extra power and technologies. The foils of the Braun 9477cc are coated with very slim caps that help to achieve the closest skin contact. I noticed the powerful cutting actions of the four cutting elements, and the extra power motor, in combination with the closest skin contact, makes the shaving process very close and efficient. The closeness is pretty satisfactory and you can somehow compare it with the manual razors.

S9 Pro and Pro+ shavers are specially made for shaving longer hairs. The newly invented ProLift trimmer is used to capture longer hairs. According to the manufacturer, the Braun Series 9 pro 9477cc can shave 7 days longer hairs which is over the market average. I found this shaver can handle longer stubbles than any other foil shaver from other brands and regular Series 9. However, the Pro+ is more efficient and accurate in this criteria.

The Braun Series 9 is always great for shaving comfort. The shaving elements are friendly enough to cut the hair comfortably. The Series 9 pro 9477cc is also good for comfortable shaving. This shaver makes a bit more torque than the predecessors and that is why some users said it feels less comfortable than the existing series 9 shavers. But in practice, I didn’t find any significant reason to underrate the pro shaver in terms of shaving comfort.

All the Braun Series 9 tagged shavers work with uncompromised power whether shaving wet or dry. The shaving elements also handle the wet beards intelligently to make the shaves efficient and satisfactory. Therefore, I have to admit the great wet/dry shaving with the Braun Series 9 pro 9477cc.

The Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc comes with the same precision trimmer as its predecessors. The design of the trimmer may feel cumbersome for some new users but it does its job perfectly.

Considering all perspectives, I felt a perfect premium shaver in practice while using the Braun 9477cc.

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Comparison with Alternatives

Panasonic Arc6: This premium shaver Series from Panasonic comes with 6-blade shaving technology at the edge. Panasonic upgraded their Arc5 to Arc6 to have the best shaving efficiency and customer satisfaction. The shaver has a 22-D pivoting head that flexes in every possible direction of the face and curve to ensure a flawless and comfortable shave. However, the bulky head of Panasonic Arc6 sometimes feels cumbersome when operating and shaven in tricky areas for new users. On the other hand, the S9 Pro 9477cc shaver has a 10D pivoting head, which I found more comfortable and flexible in practice. The Arc6 shaver comes with a powerful 14000 CPM linear motor that produces 84000 cross-cutting actions for a fast and efficient shave, which I must admit is the market-leading power for a great shaving experience. Consequently, the shaver can shave fast and provide very close shaving results. But it also has a limitation where it shows its drawback in more than three days beards but the Braun 9477cc can handle longer stubble. It has a rechargeable battery that offers 45 minutes of cordless shaving power after a full charge, whereas the Braun Series 9 Pro and Pro+ shavers provide 60 minutes of cordless backup with a charge. However, both have premium features and facilities, and that may confuse anyone when deciding which is better. In this regard, I’ll say the Panasonic Arc6 can provide faster and closer shaving results, but the Braun S9 9477cc shaver can provide more comfortable operations and handle longer stubbles.

Philips Norelco 9800: It’s a Philips Series 9000 premium rotary shaver with 3 circular shaving blades. The Philips Norelco 9800 shaver contains dual-steel precision blades, which are self-sharpening and cut close to the skin without irritation and leaving any missed hairs. It has been engineered with ComfortGlide rings that reduce friction and help the shaver glide smoothly over your skin, helping to prevent irritation, even for men with sensitive skin. The shaver comes with SenseIQ (AI) technology that senses the density of your beard and adjusts the power of the shaver accordingly for a close, comfortable, and flawless shave. Most importantly, the shaver is 100% waterproof and made for wet/dry shaves, so you can use the shaver in the shower or with shaving foam or gel. It comes with a great rechargeable battery that provides 60 minutes of cordless shaving power with one full charge. On the other hand, it allows you to have a shave with a 5-minute quick charge when the battery is fully drained. The shaver comes with an automatic quick-cleaning pod that makes cleaning and maintenance easier. If you prefer rotary shavers to foil shavers, the Philips Norelco 9800 would be a great alternative to the Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc shaver.


The Braun Series 9 pro 9477cc is undoubtedly one of the most advanced electric shavers on the market. There are very few things I found to criticize in the shaver except the price range. Hence this is a great choice for the man who intends to have an electric shaver that is good in every aspect and comes with advanced technology. Moreover, it represents a cost-effective alternative for those aspiring to own a Pro+ shaver, as it is more budget-friendly in comparison.

Should You Buy Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc Shaver?

Yes, if you want premium shaving results with maximum skin comfort

Yes, if you like the lightweight and smart design of electric shavers.

Yes, if you want to shave long stubble and foil shaver is your preference.

No, if you are bored with the typical Series 9’s popup trimmer.

No, if you do not need the PowerCase with and extra cost, and a travel pouch is your preference.

No, if you want a more advanced model from Pro+

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