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Braun Series 9 Review and Comparison: Which Series 9 Model is Worth the Most?

Updated on: January 11, 2024 | By: Alex Petrou

Braun Series 9 is Braun’s most advanced electric shaver segment, which offers Series 9 Pro and Series 9 Pro+ versions for delivering superior customer satisfaction with premium features and benefits. However, the Core Series 9 remains very popular for various reasons and is one of the best shaver lines for shaving on sensitive skin. Braun has released three generations of core Series 9 shavers with major improvements: the 90xx, the 92xx, and the 93xx models. The 93xx is the latest and most improved core Braun Series 9 segment. In this review, I will cover all the features and specifications, differences with older versions, and pros and cons of the Braun Series 9. This will help you understand whether the Braun Series 9 is worth buying for you and which model would suit you best.


  • Great for comfort lovers.
  • Powerful enough.
  • Efficient and smooth shave.
  • Premium built quality.
  • Efficient wet/dry performance.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Great solution for sensitive skin.
  • Good battery life.


  • Mostly built in plastic.
  • Expensive.

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The latest core Braun Series 9 shavers have mostly similar technology and quality, here I’ll break down the features, benefits and built quality of all the Braun Series 9 93xx shavers in detail:

shaving elements of braun series 9 shavers
Shaving elements of Braun Series 9

Five Shaving Elements: Braun Series 9 and all its versions stand out for their unique 5 synchronized shaving elements. Braun designed 5 shaving elements to work together for the most efficient and comfortable shave. The shaving elements cut hairs close to the skin for a smooth shave. The shaving elements are one of the main reasons why Braun is confident in its product. The manufacturer claims that the shavers can catch and cut more hairs in one stroke than any other shaver in the world, thanks to their special synchronized shaving elements. You might be puzzled to see only 4 cutting elements on the shaver head, while Braun claims there are 5 elements. This is normal, because the fifth element is actually a stainless steel skin guard, which is not a cutting element, but a shaving element. You might also wonder why this is better than the Panasonic Arc5, which has 5 actual cutting elements. The reason is that Braun used 3 different technologies in the cutting elements to make them more adaptable and flexible than the competitors. These are:

  1. OptiFoils: The shaving head of the Series 9 has 2 OptiFoils on the edges (front and back). The OptiFoils are the standard foil shaving elements by Braun. They have hexagonal-shaped holes that capture more hairs and guide them to the blades. The OptiFoils cut a wider range of beards in one stroke. They are mainly responsible for the close shave that the Series 9 delivers.
  2. Direct and Cut Trimmer: The direct and cut trimmer is a different cutting element from any other Brand’s electric razors. This cutting element works like a comb to align the hairs that are grown in different directions and cut them. While all of our beards do not grow in the same direction, there is no cutting element that is more efficient than the Direct and Cut trimmer to cut the messy hairs.
  3. HyperLift and Cut trimmer: This is a unique cutting element on the Braun Series 9 shaver head. The responsibility of the cutting element is to lift and cut the flat-laying hairs on the face. You obviously have some stubborn lied hairs on your face that are pretty tough to capture with electric shavers. But the special Hyperlift & cut trimmer is also stubborn to capture them and lift to the cutting blade for flawless operation.
  4. The Skin Guard: The Skin-guard is the last shaving element but not a cutting element on the shaver. The responsibility of the skin guard is to protect the skin from shaving pressure and minimize skin irritation. In other words, the skin-guard technology reduces the harshness of the sharp blades by minimizing the cutting pressure while passing over the skin. Thus the shaver becomes skin-friendly while cutting with efficiency.

The two special cutting elements, “direct and cut trimmer” and “Hyperlift and cut trimmer,” are adorable for ensuring no spare hairs for flawless and smooth shaves. However, these 5 shaving elements are different from Arc5 to make the shaver special, where it looks smarter than the Panasonic’s bulky head. On the other hand, the shaver produces 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to make the shaving process faster.

Flexibility: All the cutting elements of Braun Series 9 shavers can independently move alongside and moreover, the head is extremely flexible. The floating elements and the head can pivot in 10 directions for maximum flexible shaving with super comfort.

Head Lock: A flexible head is good for comfortable shaving but sometimes you need a fixed head while shaving tricky areas like the neck, chin, etc. The manufacturer is very experienced and they also thought about this fact while designing the Series 9 shavers. All the Braun Series 9 shavers have 5 predetermined lock positions to shave from different angles as you need. I found there is no electric shaver on the market that has 5 position headlock system except Braun Series 9. If you compare Series 9 with its main rival Panasonic arc5, the Arc5 comes with a 1-position locking system.

Waterproof: All the Braun Series 9 models are 100% waterproof that are allowed to rinse with direct water and moreover shave under the shower. So, If you have a solo model, you do not need to worry about cleaning it without the cleaning center.

Wet/dry Shaver: The Braun Series 9 shavers are famous for their wet shaving efficiency. All these shavers are very efficient for wet shaving and certainly good for fast dry shaving. So, you can have efficient wet shaving with your favorite shaving cream, foam, or gel for refreshing wet shaving.

Power Source: Since the Braun Series 9 shavers are 100% waterproof and wet/dry, they are not allowed to use while charging/corded. The manufacturer engineered the shaver with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that takes 1 hour for a full charge and provides 50 and 60 minutes of cordless runtime.

What does it mean 50 and 60 minutes?

Okay, there are three generations of the core Series 9 where the first two generations provide 50 minutes of runtime. On the other hand, the new generation core Series 9 shavers come with 20% extra power that provides 60 minutes of runtime.

Precision Trimming: Precision trimming of sideburns and other areas is essential for a complete shave. All the high-end electric shavers have a precision trimming feature for accomplished shaving. However, the Braun Series 9 shaver’s precision trimmers are pretty powerful and superior. The precision trimmer is located on the back of the shaver and is very user-friendly.

LED Display: One of the most attractive features of Braun Series 9 is the smart LED display of the shaver. The display feels like a smartphone provides real data for easier maintenance and handling of the shaver. You will find, battery indication, charging indication, power level, travel lock indication, hygiene indication, and more in the display. The new generation core Braun Series 9 upgraded the display with a more HD look. I like the new white HD LED of the upgraded display rather than the older blue symbols.

Travel Lock: The travel lock is also a useful feature to keep the shaver safe from accidentally turning on by any unintentional press of the power button while traveling or carrying. The Braun Series 9 shavers come with the travel lock system and there is a lock witch into the LED display of the shaver.

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What’s in the Box?

Braun Series 9 shavers vary from each other according to the model, package and supplier. So, I’ll sort them while describing the specific model and differentiate each other. However, the following attachments are common in every core Braun Series 9 (93xx) shaver packages:

The Shaver Itself: the Braun Series 9 shaver is the primary item in the package. All the series 9 shavers have the same shape and design, but they come in different colors.

Travel Pouch: Each model comes with a premium travel pouch to store the shaver inside it for secure travelling or keep the shaver safe from outer hits.

Cleaning Brush: there is a small cleaning brush with every Series 9 package to clean the shaver head and inner housing quickly after every dry shave.

SmartCare Dock (CC models only): The Braun series 9 shavers have two types of models: 9xxxcc and 9xxxs. The 9xxxcc models come with an automatic cleaning and charging station. The station cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the shaver with one touch of the power button. The station uses an alcohol-based cleaning solution to sanitize the shaver and remove all germs from the shaving head. The solution also maintains the shaver’s hygiene and the health of the blades and foils. The CC models also comes with a cleaning solution cartridge for using it inside the SmartCare dock.

Charging Stand (Solo models): The solo models (9xxxs) do not come with any cleaning center and you need to clean them manually with a cleaning brush or rinse it. But they come with a charging stand to charge the shaver securely on the countertop.

Adapter and Cable: The shavers come with a universal charging adapter with charging cable that you can plug the shaver in directly from electric outlet or plug the charging stand/SmartCare center.

Important Papers: The box also includes the warranty card and user manuals.

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Personal Experience

The design of Braun Series 9 shavers looks pretty good with a digital interface. But if compare to the built quality of the downgrade Series 7’s built quality, the Series 9 looks flimsier. The whole body of Series 9 is made of plastic and the manufacturer did not do any further upgrades to the new generation Series 9 shavers as well. They only changed the colors and effects of the design but everything in the built quality looks underwhelming like before. The older Series 9 shavers were silver glossy chrome finished whereas the new generation shavers come with a matte finish. However, I can say the design sense especially the user experience is really appreciable of Series 9 designers. If we first look at the head of the shaver, the foil block has been separated with a surrounding edge and there are two release buttons on the left and right sides. The release buttons are to detach the foil block to clean the inner side of the head and blades or replace the foil chamber. After the pivoting head at the front side, there is the big headlock switch that is designed with user-friendly dimples. You need to slide up and down to deactivate and activate the headlock in 5 pre-determined positions. Just blow the switch, there is the Series 9 sticker with the wet/dry symbol next to the power button. The power button is to turn on and turn off the shaver and also activate and deactivate the travel lock. To activate the travel lock, press the power button and hold it for 3-4 seconds and repeat the process similarly to deactivate the lock. Below the power button, there is Braun’s branding logo for identifying the original Braun product. While looking at the rare side of the shaver, it looks pretty impressive with textured soft rubber grip finishing that keeps the shaver very secured comfortably in the grasp. There is the Braun Series 9’s precision trimmer that you need to press and slide up to open the trimmer and you will find two metal studs along the sides that are used to configure with cleaning and charging dock. If you put the shaver head into the dock, the studs automatically adjust with the dock and start transferring data.

The main duty of an electric shaver is to give close shaves where some are fruitful and some are not. When I tried the Series 9 9390cc on my rough beard and thought the result might disappoint me since coarse beard. But surprisingly the result was very close. I didn’t need to make more passes for a complete shave and the result was comparable with traditional blades. While operating in the wet atmosphere with gel, the result was exactly similar. Braun’s 4 cutting element combination and a very powerful processor work together to ensure fast and super close shaving performance in every stroke.

Most of the experts think Braun charges a big amount for the Braun Series 9 shaver and this is because of their shaving comfort. Braun designed the series 9 to provide the most comfortable operation and I think they are successful. I’m not taking Braun’s side but it’s real that there is no electric shaver on the market that can beat Series 9’s shaving comfort. While checking the skin specialist’s advice, almost all the specialists suggest Braun Series 9 for their clients whether they have sensitive skin.

Foil shavers are pretty much louder than rotary shavers. But Braun’s designers kept this thought in mind while engineering the most expensive series and tried to keep the noise level quieter. Since it comes with a powerful motor and creates much vibration, it may create some sounds but it’s not unbearable and really comparable with rotary types. Certainly, the Braun Series 9 is the quietest shaver on the market in foil type.

The slide-up trimmer is enough for shaping sideburns, mustaches, eyebrows, and more. But it will take a very long time for trimming off the full beard and I think it’s not good enough in this aspect. So you should go on with a regular beard trimmer for trimming off a full beard or hair. However, the slide-up trimmer is pretty good in its duty since Braun did not make it for trimming or shaping regular beards.

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Braun Series 9 History!

There are several models and generations of the Series 9, which can make it confusing to choose the right one. The Series 9 shavers can be divided into five generations, based on the year of release and the model name:

The original Series 9 (90xx): This version was launched in 2015 and had models like 9090cc, 9095cc, and 9093s. These shavers had four shaving elements, a 50-minute battery life, and a silver or black color. Some models came with a cleaning and charging station, while others were solo. The original Series 9 shavers have been discontinued and are hard to find nowadays.

The updated Series 9 (92xx): it was introduced in 2016 and had models like 9290cc, 9291cc, and 9293s. These shavers had a new and improved shaving head with a titanium-coated trimmer, which was more durable and efficient. They also had a wet and dry feature, which allowed them to be used with shaving foam or gel. The battery life was increased to 60 minutes, and the color options were expanded to include gold and blue. Some models came with a cleaning and charging station, while others were solo.

The Latest Core Series 9 (93xx): this version was released in 2019 and had models like 9390cc, 9395cc, and 9365cc. These shavers had the same shaving head and features as the 92xx models, but with some minor improvements. They had a 10% more powerful motor, a leather travel case, and a matte finish. Some models came with a cleaning and charging station, while others were solo.

Series 9 Pro (94xx): the Braun Series 9 Pro version was launched in 2021 and had models like 9410cc, 9415cc, and 9417cc. These shavers had a new and innovative shaving head with five shaving elements, which provided more skin contact and a closer shave. They also had a smart display, a 20% longer battery life, and a wireless charging pad. Some models came with a cleaning and charging station, while others were solo.

The Series 9 Pro+ (95xx): It was introduced in 2023 and had models like 9510cc, 9515cc, and 9517cc. These shavers had the same shaving head and features as the 94xx models, but with some additional enhancements. They had a 30% more powerful motor, a titanium-coated trimmer, and a leather travel case. Some models came with a cleaning and charging station, while others were solo.

Latest Core Braun Series 9 (93xx) Models and Differences

Like other version of Series 9, the latest core Braun Series 9 (93xx) comes with CC (cleaning and charging station) and S (solo) models which are different from each other in different aspects. For clear understanding, I’m describing each model and differences separately.

Braun Series 9 9390cc

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Braun 9390cc: the Braun Series 9 9390cc is the flagship model of the 93xx generation, offering the highest level of performance and quality. As a CC model, it includes a SmartCare dock that automatically cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the shaver, keeping it hygienic and ready to use. It has a sleek and elegant design, with a matte silver finish and some accents of black and gold in some areas.

Braun Series 9 9385cc

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Braun 9385cc: the Braun 9385cc is another model that includes a SmartCare dock that automatically cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the shaver, keeping it hygienic and ready to use. The Braun 9385cc and the Braun 9390cc have the same features and performance, except for the color and design. The 9385cc has a matte graphite finish, while the 9390cc has a matte silver finish. Both models have a sleek and elegant look, but you can choose the one that matches your personal preference and style.

Braun Series 9 9370cc

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Braun 9370cc: The Braun 9390cc and the Braun 9370cc are very similar shavers, but the Braun 9390cc has a performance tracker system that the Braun 9370cc lacks. The performance tracker is a feature that monitors the shaver’s performance and adjusts the power accordingly to ensure optimal shaving results. It is integrated into the LED display and uses sensors to track various metrics about your shaving habits. However, I do not find this feature very useful or noticeable in practice, and I prefer the Braun 9370cc over the Braun 9390cc, since the Braun 9370cc is more affordable and has the same features and quality as the Braun 9390cc.

Braun Series 9 9330s

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Braun 9330s: The Braun 9330s is the only solo model of the core Braun Series 9 93xx shavers in the USA that does not include a cleaning dock, but only a charging stand. This makes the price of the 9330s more reasonable than the other models that come with a cleaning dock. So, if you do not mind cleaning the shaver manually, you can opt for the 9330s shaver and save some money. The 9330s shaver has the same features and performance as the other models of the Braun Series 9 shavers, such as a five-element shaving head, a 10D flex head, a wet and dry feature, a smart display, and a long-lasting battery.

Braun Series 9 vs. Panasonic Arc5 vs. Philips Norelco 9000!

The Braun Series 9 faces two main competitors in the market: the Panasonic Arc 5 and the Philips Norelco Series 9000. The Panasonic Arc 5 is a foil shaver that boasts a Japan-grade build quality and a five-blade shaving head. The Philips Norelco Series 9000 is a rotary shaver that claims to be the most advanced model from the Dutch brand Philips and has a three-head shaving system. The Panasonic Arc 5 has several generations of models, the Philips Norelco Series 9000 also has some upgrades and revamp where the s9000 prestige is the major upgrade. In the chart below, I will compare the differences between these rivals.

SpecsPanasonic Arc5Braun Series 9Philips s9000
TypeFoil shaverFoil shaverRotary shaver
Shaving blades5 Nano polished precision-honed4 German blades with a shaving guard3 rotary blades
Automatic cleaning and chargingYesYesNo
Pivoting head16 directions10 directions8 directions
Cutting action70,000 cross-cutting actions40,000 cross-cutting actions
Runtime45 minutes60 minutes60 minutes

Based on my experience, I have different opinions on the Panasonic arc5, the Braun Series 9, and the Philips 9000 shavers. The Panasonic arc5 is a foil shaver that delivers the fastest and closest shaving results, while the Braun Series 9 is a foil shaver that offers the most comfortable shaving results, even on sensitive skin. This does not mean that the Braun Series 9 cannot provide close shaves, but the Panasonic arc5 is better in terms of speed and closeness. The Philips 9000 is a rotary shaver that is the most advanced model in its category, and the Braun Series 9 is also one of the most advanced models in the foil category. I had very good and comfortable results with both shavers, and I think they are equally excellent. However, your preference may depend on your shaving habits. If you are used to rotary shavers, you may not like the Braun Series 9, and vice versa. If you are used to foil shavers, you may not like the Philips 9000.


Every electric shaver on the market has some negative feedback, and the Braun Series 9 is no exception. Braun designed the Series 9 for a specific group of people who value comfort and closeness above all and who do not mind paying a premium price. The Braun Series 9 is certainly a costly shaver, but it will provide you with a luxurious shaving experience and unparalleled comfort.

Should You Buy Braun Series 9 Shaver?

Yes, if you want to shave your sensitive skin with superior comfort.

Yes, if you want to taste the advanced technologies in an electric shaver with a premium feel.

No, if you are concerned about shaving long stubble.

2 thoughts on “Braun Series 9 Review and Comparison: Which Series 9 Model is Worth the Most?”

  1. In my 31 years of shaving experience with electric shavers, I tried too many shavers(my own and my friend’s). I tried rotary shavers first from Philips, tried Panasonic arc4 shaver, remington shaver, Braun series 5 and Braun series 7. My last shaver was a Braun series 7 shaver which I used for 6 years replacing the head. Still that is good enough and powerful enough like a new shaver. After the new rivision release of Braun series 9 in 2020 I bought the Braun 9385cc for my own. Interestingly I’m surprised with its cutting quality. I’m using this shaver for 3 months and used both wet and dry conditions. It did not take much passes to remove the lubricators and shave smoothly. I love its sound that is very quiet and its flexible shaving system gives me very comfortable performance. I don’t like the ergonomics as much as I did the series 7 because the series 9 is built in plastic and I found it is the only thing I can blame.


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