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How to Select the Best Electric Shaver for Your Needs in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated on: October 17, 2023 | By: Alex Petrou

Choosing the best electric shaver can be a personalized process, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Many types and brands of electric shavers are available in the market, each with its features, benefits, and drawbacks. How do you know which one is the best for you? How do you compare different electric shavers and find the one that meets your expectations and requirements? In this article, I will help you answer these questions and guide you through the process of choosing the best electric shaver. I will explain some factors you should consider when selecting the right electric shaver, such as your skin type, beard type, shaving frequency, budget, and preferences. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of how to choose the best electric shaver for you.

Type of Electric Shaver:

There are two main types of electric shavers: foil and rotary. Foil shavers have oscillating blades behind a perforated foil, while rotary shavers have circular blades that move in a spinning motion. Determine which type suits your shaving style better.

Skin Sensitivity:

If you have sensitive skin, look for an electric shaver designed for sensitive skin with features like hypoallergenic blades and advanced shaving technologies to minimize irritation.

Your Beard Type and Length:

Different electric shavers have different features and capabilities to handle different types of facial hair. For example, some shavers have multiple blades or heads that can adapt to the contours of your face and cut hair at different angles. Some shavers have trimmers or attachments that can help you trim and style your beard. Choose your shaver accordingly.

Wet/Dry Capability:

Some electric shavers are suitable for both wet and dry shaving, allowing you to use them with shaving cream, gel, or in the shower. This versatility can be helpful for those who prefer wet shaving or have sensitive skin.

Battery Life:

Consider the battery life of the shaver. Longer battery life is more convenient, especially for travelers. Some models offer quick-charge features for a single shave if you forget to charge it in advance.

Charging Options:

Electric shavers may come with different charging options, such as a corded-only model, cordless with a charging stand, or a travel-friendly USB charging port. Choose one that aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

Shaving Performance:

Read reviews and consider the shaving performance of the shaver. Look for features like powerful motors, multi-directional heads, and precision trimming options for a more effective and efficient shave.

Your Shaving Frequency and Style:

How often and how closely do you shave? Some electric shavers are designed for daily use and can provide a close and smooth shave, while others are more suitable for occasional use and can handle longer hair. Choose your beard accordingly.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

Some electric shavers come with self-cleaning stations that make maintenance easier. Others can be cleaned manually with a brush or by rinsing under running water. Consider how much effort you’re willing to put into cleaning and maintenance.

Price and Budget:

Electric shaver prices vary widely. Determine your budget and try to find a shaver that offers the best value for your money. Keep in mind that more expensive models often come with advanced features and durability.

Brand and Model Reputation:

Well-established brands like Philips Norelco, Braun, Panasonic, and Remington often produce reliable electric shavers. Check user reviews and ratings to gauge the reputation of specific models.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Look for shavers that come with a good warranty and accessible customer support. This ensures that you have protection against any defects or issues that may arise.

Personal Preferences:

Lastly, consider your own preferences, such as the design, ergonomics, and the feel of the shaver in your hand. A comfortable grip and ease of use can make a significant difference in your overall satisfaction.


It’s essential to assess your individual needs and priorities when choosing an electric shaver. What works best for one person may not be ideal for another, so take the time to research, read reviews, and possibly even try out different models to find the one that suits you the most.

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